I haven't forgotten to post, I've been in stealth!

...Because I play a rougue... Just one of the many (n>=2 that I can think of so far) things I said I've done, having said I never would. But more on that later.

Biggest piece of news, even if everyone who reads this already knows, Echo and I moved in together! W00t!!! Some have been angry at this, others have not. I can't speak for her, but as for myself, if you don't like it, suck it up. The lease is signed, so barring injury*, were staying there. xP

More stuff that's happened since february... Hmmm... Well, as hinted in the title, I have a WoW account now. I'm a L7 Night-Elf Rogue (read: NEWB). also, I have begun to watch Glee and I like it CantStandItBecauseGleeIsJustAnotherStupidPopCultureObsession! Seriously, though, I can see why it caught on so well. Each and every character is instantly polarizing, but none of them seem to be one-dimensional.

Oh, yeah, despite swearing to never take another online class after the fiasco wherein I nearly failed a basic computer class, I am registered for nothing else this quarter. I've got my second business class, my first accounting class, and an intro to C++. I think. Echo knows. Anyway, the quarter doesnt start until the 6th, so I'm currently spending my days in the lounge in th student union of Echo's school, doing whatever I feel like, within the confines of the law. Also, Echo and I may or may not be attending a concert on 2011-9-30. The band played the quad a few days ago, and they're really good. One of the singers has a spot-on Freddy Mercury voice, and the guitarist gets a Marshall double-stack just for him, his '89 SG, and his bitchin' Stratocaster.

Alright, thats all I can think of. Oh, wait, Echo and I started going to the gym again today. Hence my body is sore.

Now that's it.

Oh, and I'm probably going to have a new TINTWYLF up soon reasonably soon soonish this year. Maybe?

*It should be noted that the injury must be at least reasonably blamed on the apartment owners for this to apply.