There aren't words to describe just how good it felt to visit Grandma and Grandpa today in city-about-an-hour-South-of-here. We sat and talked for awhile, and the word "engaged"was used in front of Echo's family for the first time; we had the best chicken soup I've ever had; Echo and I taught Grandma and Grandpa how to play Mexican Train dominoes; and we had TURTLE TRACKS ICE GREAM!!!!!!

It's truly amazing the degree to which spending time with family and having fun can outright remove any Devlin that may be going on in your life from the realm of the conscious (Echo and I just recently saw Just Go With It).

It is now late and I am desirous of sleep. Maybe I will tell you ("you" meaning the ONE person who both reads this blog AND doesn't know) about the Devlin that's going on lateer. Like in the next post I make.


Seriously, stop reading now.

Oh, right.

That WOULD be easier if I stopped typing, wouldn't it?

I'm tired...



"A reads WEBCOMICS?!"

I have been repeating that uncomprehendingly for hours now, both aloud until it got annoying, and inside my head after the fact.

Until tonight, I had thought A was an individual with whom the only things I would ever have in common would be Echo, B, and music, in which we have very different tastes. Then the unthinkable happened.

In the middle of a conversation between the four of us, relating to technology, A pipes up with a reference to Control-Alt-Delete!!!

Now, I don't know if I have emphasized, or even mentioned this here, but the extent of A's gaming is Wii Sports, Kinect Adventures, Dance Central, and some Super Mario Bros 2. So to hear undeniable proof that she reads CAD is like finding a forum post on foxnews.com signed "President Barack Obama" from an IP backtraced to the white house. WTF in a very good, but nonetheless colossal way.

This means that not only do we have something in common that Echo and B don't as much yet (when time allows, Echo and I will be reading the archives of some of my favorites), but that said "something" is something I not only like but love.

It's true. I'm passionate about webcomics.

Now I know that any future SDCC plans won't have to be just Echo and me, nor Echo, B, and me, with A running around and screaming at cosplayers (although, she's entirely likely to do that anyway). No, there is a possibility, no matter how big or small, or how far into the future, that she'll be as excited for her second time as I am for my first.

And that sounded a lot less dirty in my head...

"Scotch Tape"
Bond With Someone at Least a Little
REWARD: Eventual ComiCon tickets