Double Kill!

Alright, so I never expected to post again this soon, but then again, I never expected to have a twitter or, years ago, a facebook, so I'm just going to roll with it.

Darn it all, I took so long to reconfigure the blog page that I forgot what was bugging me. Oh, well...

I applied for a job at bungie today, but chances are extremely high that if you're reading this you are my friend on facebook and/or follow me on Twitter, so you already knew that.

I feel under qualified, but hey, the worst they can do is not hire me, and most of Bellevue has already done that, so how bad can it be? On the other hand, how much fun would it be to miss class for a few days because I'm flying up to Washington (state, not D.C.) to interview for my dream job?

I've also discovered that I will be featured in a webcomic my friend is starting over at fm1337kpwn.smackjeeves.com and will be portrayed by the sprite for the final fantasy red mage. While I'm thinking of it, if you haven't, go check out MY webcomic, This Is Not The Webcomic You're Looking For, located at tintwylf.smackjeeves.com.

And on that shameless plug of a dissonant note, I end the post. See? I said they wouldn't be so long usually!

I've been told I need a blog...

And right now I feel the need to post on one so here goes, then to bed I shall.

It would be one thing if my fiancée was trying to make me change. She's not, but I could probably handle it. The problem is that the person trying to turn me into a mirror of what an ideal person should be is NOT my fiancée, but her roommate.

I am a nerd.
I am a geek.
I am a techie.
I am a gamer.
I look at situations tactically.

None of these things make me a bad person. Quite the opposite, in fact. These attributes have influenced me such that if I were to be plotted on a DnD alignment chart, I would almost certainly be right in the middle; neither lawful nor chaotic, neither good nor evil. If there were a third axis to the chart, detailing disposition in terms of happy, neutral, or sad, I would fall in the middle of that, too. One of the ways I'm special is the fact that I'm more normal than most people.

All of this serves to make it all the more frustrating that my foil at present is a chaotic neutral happy person. She is absolutely intolerant of things that are done in a way other than hers, and where she can see them. A few examples from tonight alone include being told "you guys are freaks" upon not uttering disdain for Surf-N-Turf when an Applebee's commercial came on, a loud retching sound and "vomiting" face after stating that the beverage in my fiancée's and my glasses was strawberry soda, and being tersely asked "then why did you say it?" when I realized and clarified that I was in the process of uttering a non sequitur.

Neither she nor my fiancée get to see their respective significant others nearly as often as any of the four of us would like. She and hers sometimes go days without seeing each other (though they still text, and the like) but when they do see each other, it's usually from about 1530 to very late, around 2315. My fiancée and I, (that é is annoying to type, so I'll just call her Echo, from now on) are just the opposite. We have so far not gone 24 hours without physically seeing each other since the day we met, almost 7 months ago. However, that time is frequently less than an hour, split up into 2 or 3 blocks, which usually end up being spent comforting each other because of the issues that arise from the increased stress caused by seeing each other so little.

Semester is ending for the two of them, so Echo and I will get to stress-dump and spend time together, but when school starts up again in January, it'll be the same old story. This is made still worse (I can't decide if I sound like an infomercial screaming "But wait! There's more!" or like a whiny, angsty, pity-party-throwing, fourteen-year-old girl crying "my life is so bad... Everyone's out to get me..." but neither one seems very good) by the fact that when Echo and I are together but the other 2 can't be at that particular moment, or even that day, because (my artificial pronouns are getting too arduous again. Roommate is now A and roommate's boyfriend is B) B is in school, A gets all moody and grouchy and will snap at anyone who comes near her, simply because she feels jealous. On the flip side, though, when the situation is reversed, Echo and I Re told, politely, but in no uncertain terms, that we are not wanted around, to the point where if I need something from the basement (supposedly a common area, but recently the A and B are going to go make kissy-faces room) Echo will have to go get it, because she won't be kicked out of the house for disturbing them.

Perhaps my favorite part though, is the fact that all of this is chalked up, by everyone anywhere near the situation as "A just being A." It's "just her personality" to act like a b**** (keyword being ACT. She's very nice sometimes) to me, but when I act/talk like a geek/nerd/techie/gamer/tactician, that is, somehow, justifiably offensive to her.

Somewhere along the line, the definitions of "being yourself" and "being unkind" ended up switched, and no one told me.

Usually, my approach is to say "if you refuse to deal with me being me, then I don't have to deal with you at all." but that's not an option in this situation. A and I have clashed, almost as long as I've known her, and we still don't like each other terribly well, but we each know that if we were to blow up at each other, Echo and B would be very much uphurt, so I lay off of her. Not we lay off of each other, mind you. It's been a one-way street, so far. Early on, she told me what she wanted from me, (a drastic increase in the responsibility department) and I have delivered. However, at the same time, I asked for something, too: that she treat me much nicer.

I have asked that of several individuals, (of whom she is the only one involved with this situation), and have gotten the same figurative finger from all of them. Is what I ask too hard?