I haz a job!!!

Yes! That's right! I are no longer t3h unemployed mooch!

And for the first time out of four (5 if you check my facebook) jobs, I am actually making a wage. No commission, no tipshare. I work 10 hours, I get $72.50 for it. Dang that's a lot of money... And when I consider that I worked 5.5 hours today, putting my first paycheck ALREADY at almost $40... Yesterday having $10 was "being rich" and I made QUADRUPLE THAT today!

xD doesn't even BEGIN to cover it!

"...you lazy bum"
Get a job.
Reward: Money! Duh!


True boredom

Not only did I just blog twice three times in one night, the first two were in free verse, which I've always had trouble with, but one was entirely a setup for a forever alone meme that didn't even have a picture. I'm sleepy...



Dinosaur death
Earth covered
Long time
More time
Still more
Bored skeleton
Still waiting
[millennia later]
soon please?
More time
/sigh boring
Scientiest digs
Wrong place
Scientist digs
Wrong again
Ad nauseum
Scientist digs
Find dinosaur
Dug out
Dusted off
Propped up
Exhibit opens
Child remarks:
"Poor dinosaur...

...Forever a bone"

Need To Sleep...

I need to sleep...

Sad day
Made fiancée worry
Didn't get stuff done
BLEEP-ton of snow

Happy day
Dinner with family
Xbox with Echo
First time for both
Since 20 1 0

Stupid brain
Empty blog post
Nothing to say
Nobody to compliment
Nowhere to go

I need to sleep...
I can't...


Last Of A Pair?

Aren't roommates supposed to share things?

Obviously, I don't mean everything, but aren't having-significant-others-over privileges supposed to be the same? Or I'm-having-a-bad-day-and-and-hearing-the-two-of-you-giggle-together-when-my-significant-other-and-I-can't-right-now-is-making-it-worse privileges?

That's all I'm going to say.



Sometimes I blog to help me fall asleep. Right now I'm blogging to give me something to do to help me stay awake.

Boring 4-hour Introduction to Psychology class, I an in you.


Got up really rough today. "That's all I have to say about that."

Saw Tron: Legacy last night with Echo. Epicness, even seeing most of it for the second time. We went the other day, and just as Cora said, "You might say, I'm..." the power died across the entire block. I was under the impression that they were going to reuse the line from almost immediately before and finish it with "...the last Iso." Echo had no idea how the line would end. Turns out it was why would I tell you this here? Go see it! It's awesome!

I'm running out of things to write about, and I'm getting sleepier by the minute.

People are apparently stupid. I can almost understand the gut reaction that a bat isn't a mammal (almost) but really? People have trouble identifying a penguin as a bird?


Bonus points to anyone who can tell me the pattern of those numbers. And yes, I'm aware Echo is probably going to see it immediately and make me feel stupid.

We were just shown the midget-in-the-elevator conundrum. I was one of 3 people who had ever heard it.

Apparently "imagine you've had three interviews and were offered 2 of the jobs" is a feasible scenario for everyone in the room but me. Sad face...

Aaaaaand now were on break, and I no longer have a source of material to write about... End of blog post. Time to do something else.



Amazing that it's taken this long to make my first post of 2011.

Recently I have been getting as much sleep as though it were perpetually finals week, and it haz been about that quality, too.the other day I was finally able to fall asleep at about 0545, with my alarm going off at 0630. I'm frickin tired.

Now I find myself in a boring class wherein the instructor is teaching a DIFFERENT class while we sit and wait for him to get to a stopping point so he'll turn his attention to us. Because having an 0800-1000 class and a 1000-1200 class just doesn't make sense. Instead, the obvious solution is to have both classes show up for a 0800-1200 class twice a week and spend half of that time waiting our turn for the instructor.

My comic is coming along. My second fully fleshed out strip has the bqckgrounds in place, and is scripted, not in that order.

I really hate this class...